Pachira Aquatica

The Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) is one of our most durable plants and has several applications. It is a great indoor plant in moderate to well lit environments, is considered to be a great plant for use in apartments, and has a history in Feng Shui as a plant used to promote prosperity.

It is considered in landscaping circles to be both a potted plant and a tree, and the trunks can be braided all the way up to 10 feet and still be an indoor plant. Pachira likes bright light, even if it's fluorescent, and takes water in gulps, meaning give it a good amount of water and let the top inch completely dry before watering again. Use soil with good drainage. Soil too moist may cause some yellowing and maybe some of the leaves to drop off. Watering should slow to once or twice a month during winter.

From the swamps of Central and South America, it grows considerably larger in it's native environment, sometimes up to 100 feet if planted near a canal or lake. It has a large flower with many splines, and will later produce a football-sized pod containing nuts that taste like peanuts.

The Money Tree's legend supposedly was that a man prayed for money, found this funny looking plant, took it home and wound up selling the plants that came form it's seeds.

Growing, Care and Other Information



Prefers bright light, even fluorescent.

Bloom Time

Rarely blooms indoors at all.
Outdoors may produce a large flower in the springtime, and after will produce a seed pod.


Use soil with good drainage, such as with peat moss and perlite. Water generously but allow soil suface to dry between waterings.


While in pot can grow from 12" to 10 feet over several years. Good as potted plant and indoor tree. Outdoors much higher.


Usually solitary.


USDA Zone 10 (30°F) to USDA Zone 11 (40°F).

Indoors year-round.

More Photos

Here are some Money Trees from our facilities. Tune up your Feng Shui, these are suppode to bring prosperity .